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Official dealers of the factory

OOO FOREST-STROYEXPORT is the only dealer of the plant, which is responsible for all sales and represents the interests of the plant to all customers and consumers of finished products.

Purchase of raw materials and sale of finished products is carried out by the plant ONLY with the participation of OOO FOREST-BUDEXPORT LLC.

The staff of FOREST-STROYEXPORT LLC is a young team of professional managers, which is engaged in targeted promotion of goods produced in OOO FM-Tandem.

The organizational structure of the dealer companies is as follows:

Director - Grebenyuk Ivan Vladimirovich
Management of companies, management of processes for ensuring the production of FM-Tandem LLC with raw materials.
Mobile phone: +380 (67) 539-67-95
Head of Sales Department - Kurasev Sergey Victorovich
Conducting all sales on the territory of Ukraine.
Mobile phone: +380 (97) 577-64-40